Feasibility, approvals and pre-construction

Our team has the expertise to rigorously assess each project from an overall delivery position. We account for all design, construction, statutory, sustainability, and whole-of-life requirements to enable clients to make sound decisions based on facts and well defined long-term benefits.

Services during this phase include:

  • Concept design construction advice
  • Buildability advice and review
  • Analysis of project staging and construction delivery strategies
  • Management of preliminary construction estimating
  • Assistance in preparing documentation for finance approval
  • Co-ordination of documentation for approvals
  • Preparation of documentation and management of consultants for approval submissions
  • Management and co-ordination of authority approvals
  • Identification and management of project risks
  • Development of strategies to mitigate the impacts of environmental and heritage constraints
  • Development of organisational flow charts to provide guidance throughout the delivery phase stages